We have brought together an eclectic group of leaders from all corners of public and community life for a day of inspiration as we look towards the future.  The work each of us do in our own way to advance justice and acceptance for transgender and non-conforming peoples furthers justice and acceptance for all humankind.

Although we are unable to meet in person, may we come together in camaraderie and solidarity on this day.

The Venue

We are using an awesome virtual conference site called AccelEvents with a Main Stage, Breakout Rooms, Meet Up Lounges, and one-on-one private chats. To get an idea of how this works, check out this 3 minute video.

Attendee Participation Overview

Morning Panels

  • Where We Are At Now With Trans Activism ~ Masen Davis, Kylar Brourdos, Dr. Gennifer (Genn) Herley, PhD, Alexander Chen
  • Health And The Trans Community ~ Jamison Green, Lilac Vylette Maldonado, Mallery Robinson, Melissa Sklarz, Michael Woodward
  • What Transgender Activism Looks Like ~ Luckie Alexander, Stephanie Battaglino, Vanessa Sheridan, Celia Daniels
  • Judge’s Corner ~ Rare conversation between our two transgender judges, the Honorable Phyllis Frye and the Honorable Victoria Kolakowski
  • Perspectives On Trans Youth ~ Ann Thomas, Zoey Luna, Emmett Preciado

Check out the Presenters!

Afternoon Breakout Sessions (12:30 – 2:00pm PST)

Trans and Non-Binary People and the Law: A Look at Current and Emerging Issues

This workshop will provide a look at the current and emerging legal trends as observed by Attorneys from Lambda Legal’s Help Desk. Participants will leave with an awareness of and understanding of these issues with the hope of building upon and starting conversations regarding the future of Trans and Non-Binary rights advocacy as we look into the coming decade. Additionally, there will be a discussion on how the public can impact these legal issues through direct and indirect participation and advocacy.

Alexis Paige is a Paralegal at Lambda Legal. As a Paralegal, Paige supports Lambda Legal attorneys on an array of matters, including, but not limited to, discrimination affecting transgender adults and youths, people living with HIV, the rights of same gender couples, and regularly assists transgender service members and transgender and non-binary youths in schools. 

She has also given presentations, participated in panels, and spoken at rallies on behalf of Lambda Legal. Alexis Paige is an honoree of the 2015 Trans 100 and a 2015 Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest’s Queer Hero.

Intersections of Oppression: Disability & Gender

While we highly encourage the attendance and participation of able-bodied and neurotypical (non-disabled) allies, this event will primarily be about centering the voices of disabled, neurodivergent, and chronically ill trans and non-binary people of color. We will provide a brief audience-led educational grounding on Disability Justice concepts, discuss how to stand in solidarity with disabled peoples, and provide additional resources for participants to further explore these topics and experiences. We hope that non-disabled allies will step back and actively listen, engage, reflect, and inquire about how to support and affirm disabled folks within this vulnerable space.

The content and goal of this dialogue center on dismantling ableism, so we find it vital to break down barriers placed between the presenters and listeners through the use of a popular education participation model. Rather than a traditional workshop or panel where the audience’s primary role is that of the listener, we plan on presenting an event where a variety of experiences and identities from both the audience and the panelists are represented.

We hope to have a diverse audience and to create an environment that is an accessible, brave, and welcoming space to discuss the effects of oppression (ranging from systemic to internalized ableism, sanism, transphobia, racism, classism), and navigating the medical-industrial complex on disabled folx under the trans umbrella in our effort to raise community awareness and encourage active resistance. These conversations are frequently emotionally charged events that may be difficult for some marginalized folx to participate in. Our facilitating panelists are experienced in fostering a safe environment for community dialogue and healing for queer, trans, and intersex disabled folx and communities of color, and assure that this space will remain safe for vulnerable sharing and learning.

Trans Masculine Leadership

Trans masculine visibility and invisibility has always been a complicated and contradictory experience for those of us who live it. 

How can trans men become leaders in a world that tells us we must defer to women, especially when we know only too well what women’s oppression is like and how wrong it is? 

How can we help to create a world that respects people as individuals and doesn’t privilege sex or gender, yet allows our gender identities to flourish?

TRANSCending Patriarchy in Today’s World

In today’s world where there is so much emphasis on diversity and inclusion, the patriarchal mindset still lingers in the core of every organization and community around the world. Women have come a long way to be treated as equals. Though Individuals who identify as transgender or gender non conforming have always existed since the dawn of human civilization, they have been misunderstood, alienated, mocked and ridiculed even today. This has to end. 

In our era, we have enough knowledge, medical science and intelligence to transcend beyond petty patriarchal leaders, decision makes and pave way for our younger generation, so they don’t have to undergo the struggles we went through. We need to change the world. We are the change.